5 Ways to Write Content Google Loves

Great Google Content1. Throw away your ‘Keyword Density’ handbook   —
We have all heard of Keywords, Key Phrases and keyword density but long gone are the days where we stuff our pages with keywords and ’Hey Presto‘ we Rank Number 1 in Google (not that was ever the case ) but some habits are hard to get out of so just to be clear …
There is little evidence that any one ‘Keyword Density’ algorithm will make your website prime picking for Google and indulging in such SEO practises is likely to have the opposite effect and do more harm than good.

2. Relevant Content —
Stop over thinking what Google and the other search engine are reading on your web pages. Yes think carefully about what you’re adding to your pages but write you content for a human to read NOT a Search engine.
Good quality, relevant web page content is the basic ground work for a solid, well ranked website. Worry less about what search engines will see and more about what your users will see and build from there.
Remember …..  Relevant Content is King!

3. Keep it Fresh —
Keeping your website interesting and current will ensure that the search engines keep coming back to your website for updates.  Get Blogging with relevant articles, tutorials and help files. Add a news section and be one of the first to publish relevant updates within your industry or business sector.

4. Title It —
Don’t forget how important your title is – and yes I am going to say it again …. Make it relevant. If you want your users to ready your content, first of all they have to be interested in the Article itself and often the title is the only snippet they get. Short, Sweet and  Yes … make sure it’s Relevant.

5. Go on … share It! —
The more your article, post or webpage is shared via Social Media channels the more important it is. No, I’m not talking world stopping important but the more interest people show in your pages by sharing and tweeting and posting, the more relevance Google will associate the keywords within your pages.

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