A Fun Way to Look at Value Based Pricing

I was chatting on a forum this morning and someone was asking about value and price and how much should they charge for their services. The usual back and forth about supply and demand of services, value, perceived value and services being worth the amount the customer was prepared to pay ensued.

After a few posts flew up with the usual responses, one poster advised that maybe the OP (original poster) should either read the lengthy discussion on Wikipedia or maybe read this easier to understand explanation.

On another note…

Online Marketing Advice from Yell

I was intending to post and discuss a claim made by a Yell sales rep earlier this week, but it has become a bit of a tangled web and I haven’t reviewed all the supporting material sent me yet, so I’ll get into it over the weekend.

Essentially they told me that (and I quote) you are “53 times more likely to be on the Google front page with a video than without”. This is quite a spectacular claim and if its true then we need to stop worrying about blogging and value content for Google position and just all become handheld camcorder video clip creators (which would be far more fun than copywriting).

The claim seems to be attributed to some research from Forrester Research from November 2008, so pretty old research. It is so out of date that it is against Forrester’s policy to allow bloggers like me to cite from it. So it seems that as The Temptations said, “…believe half of what you see. Oh, and none of what you hear.” when you hear it on the grapevine.

Have a good weekend.

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