A web we can all see

For years web designers and developers pushed the boundaries with design elements and the competitive web browser companies got more and more lenient to render such designs correctly until standards had reached an all time low and something had to be done to start the governing process of the vast network we call the internet.

In 1995 the government passed the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). This act aimed to put a stop to limited availability of products and services to those who have any form of disability.

 The act stated that all service providers need to make their service available to all regardless of any disability that they may have. This act was aimed at everyone that provided a service and that included the web. This meant that developers had to rethink and in some cases re-educate staff to incorporate this into designs.

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  1. Georgia Gether
    5th November 2012 at 4:08 am

    Its easy to forget that the web is for everyone, good post, keep up the good work

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