Adding a Category to your Blog or News Posts

To help separate and organise your content, we advise that you create category’s for your blog posts and news articles. This method also helps with the relevancy of your article with regard to SEO.

Assuming that you are Logged in, go to the left hand side of your Dashboard and open up the “Posts” Section. Click on the Categories Tab and an overview of your existing categories will display on the right hand side of the page while the left offers you the ability to “Add New Category”.

Name your category with care, think about how your users will search for information that you are adding to.

For Example “Affordable Web Design” features in our pages, is one of our keywords and is used in guest articles to link back to the the web Page  “Affordable Web Design” so adding a category of  Affordable Web Design makes sense.

The Slug isn’t necessary but give a URL- friendly version of the name.

Decide if this is going to be a parent category or if it is going to be a sub of a higher Category.

Description – not all wordpress themes display the description of the category — if this is something that you want to include then ask your web developer to incorporate this into your bespoke WordPress theme.

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