Affordable Website Design: Satisfaction Guaranteed

The web is no longer the future, it is the expected business norm. Your website is a commodity, a cost of doing business. In the same way as electricity and a telephone service is simply something your business needs and this is how a company website is now viewed. If a customer asked for your phone number and you didn’t have a phone then your business would lose an element of credibility. This is true for your business website.

On the flip side, in the same way as you expect a return on investment from your telephone via customers contacting you, arranging meetings and so on, you should also expect a return from your website. Essentially your website should boost your business. Often times a company website does not deliver a return on the investment that justifies the expense

Stafford Website Design Company Guarantees Their Website Solutions

Many website design companies in Stafford and across the West Midlands will make claims as to the success they have and this can offer a reassurance to an organisation looking to secure the services of a website design company. One innovative company in Stafford has found an alternative to purely discussing the successes of projects passed. They have unveiled a guarantee scheme to ensure that promises made are kept and that if a customer is not happy with the outcome of their website design project then the customer can claim a full refund.

Over the Moon Happy With Your Website

Sarah Brassington, Managing Director at Rake Mark Website Design in Stafford said today, ‘We know that we can deliver, so offering a guarantee is a simple concept for us. We have looked for other companies who offer a satisfaction guarantee and we have so far found none.’ The guarantee is designed to give new customers piece of mind and trust that they will get what they paid for with no nasty surprises.

Rake Mark are a website design and online marketing company in Stafford who serve the West Midlands. Rake Mark has been commissioned for projects involving a diverse range of clients from smaller local businesses to Premier League Football Clubs. Sarah Brassington established her own website design company in Stafford in 2006.

Sarah told us, ‘It’s simple, if you’re not over the moon happy with your new website design, if you’re not 100% delighted with the results then we will give you your money back, in full.’

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