Apple 1 to be Auctioned at Christie’s

An Apple®-1 Personal Computer

The auction is an online exclusive auction and ends July 9 2013. The Apple 1 is part of a number of  other Apple antiquities, including the company’s first attempt of a word processing and spreadsheet program (on floppy disk of course), as well as a prototype portable computer that is somewhat much less ‘lightweight’ than modern day notebooks.

One of the First 25 Computers

According to a specialist at Christie’s Auction House the Apple 1 appears to be among the first 25 computers to be produced. The specialist notes that “It does not have a diamond NTI logo (the PCB manufacturer) etched into the front copper layer” which places the timing of production.

 Signed by Steve Wozniak

With approximately just 200 Apple 1 computers being produced  at its launch in July 1976, it’s a rare find but for it to be working and signed by Steve Wozniak it has a whopping estimated price tag of somewhere in the region of $500,000 ($300.000 already bid). A far cry from it’s original tag of $666.66 (monitor and keyboard not included).


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