Backing Up your MYSQL Database

In order to keep all your hard earned data safe we recommend at least a weekly backup.

With our Hosting Control Panel it is really really simple and you have no excuse as to why your Websites Database isn’t backed – up  — and we have some funny ones over the years.

Here are our 6 Easy Steps to Website Database Back-up Management.

  1. Select a location on your computer and create a folder called “Website Database Backups”
  2. Log into your Hosting Control Panel — we will have already sent you those details if you are an existing client.
  3. In the ‘Web Tools’ Section click on “My SQL Databases”
  4. at the bottom of this page you will see a Grid with your database/databases (if you have more than one)
  5. Next to the database you wish to backup click ‘backup’
  6. Navigate to your Downloads folder, copy and past into you folder named “Website Database Backups”

When should I back up my Websites Database ?

The answer to that lies in your own question of ……  If I lost my website data today would that have a detrimental effect on my business? If the answer is yes then the more often the better, daily is defiantly a good idea.

Always back your website database up before you make changes to a post or page and DEFIANTLY (cant emphasis that enough) backup your database before you do a software or plugin update. Always make sure that if the worst happens you can rebuild (restore) and put back what was there before you started!


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