BBC Launch Their New Look Website

Yesterday was the official launch of the new look BBC website. According to Erik Huggers’ online blog, the new online website design is "…part of an ongoing process to make BBC Online feel like one coherent service, rather than a disjointed collection of websites". There is new Navigation, to give easier and faster access to the most popular sites, a new media zone, to help showcase a wider range of content on the home page and a load of new design improvements. The homepage alone has a range of design tweeks that make it load faster.

Partnership with Social Media Websites

Mr Huggers also revealed some information regarding the much talked of partnerships with Social Networking sites, like Facebook and twitter. He said "In addition we are also introducing to news the results of partnerships with social networks, improving the way users can share and recommend content on other platforms with their friends."

With the release of Google caffeine recently, it seems that the BBC, with their new website design, are also taking into account the new importance of links coming in from Social Media Websites, like Facebook and twitter.

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