Business Owners Reliant on Website Design Professionals

43% of business owners are ‘highly dependent’ on their web designer to make changes to their website for them, according to a recent survey from Fasthosts. On top of this 56% said that they were ‘incapable of making changes to their website without expert assistance. 60% of respondents didn’t even have the contact details or passwords for the web host and did not have access to their company’s property.

Keep Control of Your Website

Keeping control of your website is vital in case there is an issue with your website designer in the future. In the study, 60% didn’t even have access to their passwords or FTP details to access their website should the worst happen. Steve Holford of Fasthosts said "Should arrangements suddenly change business owners should be equipped to make changes to their online identity and maintain contact with their online audience. The web designers we work with always recommend that clients at least keep a back-up copy of their website design,"

Rake Mark Website Design, a website company in Stafford provide a control panel if requested so you can access your website code and make a copy, but Rake Mark keep a copy of their customers’ websites for them.

Easy Website Design Changes & Website Updates

The Rake Mark web portal application allows the business owner, or any of his nominated team, to make simple website changes without any expert website design knowledge. Phil Brassington, Technical Lead on the Web Portal Project said, ‘The whole idea behind the Rake Mark Web Portal is that anyone who can use a computer can use the Web Portal and take control of their website, making targeted updates when they want them in a simple to use interface.’

Mr Brassington was asked how easy it would be for a non technical user to use the Web Portal to update their website, Mr Brassington continued, ‘If you can use Microsoft Word or any other word processing application then you can easily follow the online guides and update your own website with Rake Mark’s Portal Application.’

You can find out more about Rake Mark’s Web Portal Application at the Rake Mark Website or you can call us on 01785 256 222 to have a friendly chat about updating your website design.

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