Don’t leave your website blog article out in the cold

Website BloggingTips

We all know that content is king, or we should do and we are all (as owners of business websites) looking to promote our business in the most effective way that we can. Time is always going to be a factor when we are updating our website pages and writing new blog articles for our website so why not do “Smart Updates”. No that doesn’t means update you website with your smart phone (but you can do that is you wish) it just means don’t waist valuable time and effort by missing important elements.

5 Tips for Smart Blogging

  1. Title, give your blog article a good title. Not too long but punchy and descriptive. Make your users want to read the article based on the title.
  2. Always assign your article to a Keyword Rich Category. Never just leave you article “Uncategorized”. 1 — It doesn’t use your keywords (think relevant search terms) and 2 It looks sloppy and unimpressive.
  3. Ensure that the title, category and tags, all map to the article itself.
  4. Include relevant Images, while Google can’t read images, it CAN & DOES read alt tags and descriptive tags associated with your images. Thus adding weight to the relevancy of your article.
  5. Link to other associated articles (using the keyword as the link) to explain any points or references

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