Effective Website Content & Material — Part 2 of Website Marketing Basics

Creating Content for your website pages sounds like such a simple task and in its most basic form is but making it Effective Content for your website in terms of SER (Search Engine Readable) takes a little more consideration.

Naming Your Website Pages

Page Naming is as important as the content on the page itself and keeping (as much as possible) a Topic or topic type under a single page or header. By that I mean if you have 6 main services that your company provides, create a single page for each service. The page name where possible should be named as per the service itself ….  So the service Website Design should be named as  www.yourdomain.co.uk/website-design/

Keywords and Relevant Content

Search engines constantly make reference to ‘Relevant Content’, this simply means if the service you are offering on that page is Website Design in Stafford make sure that is what you are putting on your page, as alt txt on your images AND in the meta tags you associate to the page itself. RELEVANT CONTENT, that is all it is, nothing clever, no magic, so don’t try selling (or a least ranking in the search engines for) ‘wibbles’ on a page marked ‘twiglets’ because it won’t map. and you wont get brownie points for doing so.

Google very simply wants to serve the correct website content to a search term that a user puts in.

Search Engines LOVES content written on the page as a pose to in images … so get text on the page and get Google reading it.

Now the competition might be high for your chosen terms but trying to trick Google is a fool’s journey …..  Be website honest, be web content relevant and be search engine smart!

Website Eye Candy

Always use alt tags. The search engine cannot see your image, it cannot read the text in your image … It’s an image and offers little to Google or any other search engine …..  Its eye candy for users, add an alt tag and it still can’t see the image but it knows it’s there and tags it as relevant if the alt tag IS relevant to the content on the page.

Video on your Website

The term you need to remember for adding Media to your Website is ….  If adding video or media content to your website page or article will enhance the user experience then go ahead and include it however if it’s just dead weight to the page and offers your user nothing more than the text does, leave it off.

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