Fab New e-Commerce Website Coming for Green Book Reseller

10p Books, the green second hand book reseller and recycler has announced it is to go online. They have selected Rake Mark, a Stafford based website design company, to build a new e-commerce websiteto help them grow their second hand book business.

10p books started out after one of its founders moved house and had boxes and boxes of books that they knew they would never read again but were in perfect condition. It seemed a waste to just throw them away into the landfill and decided to give them away.

They told us, “It was difficult to find anyone who wanted this volume of books, so we decided to set up a sort of business come community project where we store the books and then sell them either in person or via mail order from as little as just 10 pence each to cover the costs.”

The website is due to take four to six weeks for the full consultation, website design and development process. A decision on a go live date will be announced later but is expected to be late August.

Sarah Brassington from Rake Mark said, “We are really excited to be building this website. 10p books is more of a green community project than big business. Most of their books come from donations and are then sold for just 10p. A great idea we are looking froward to supporting”

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