Friday Fun, Boycott Bingo


A Sample Boycott Bingo Card

I’ve posted before about my love of cricket and the fun it brings beyond the simple enjoyment of the game. The humour really is tea and scone English. One of the commentators is Geoffry Boycott who (for those unfamiliar with cricket) is an opiniated Yorkshire man and former England Captain. When commentating he will often use phrases unique to him like, ‘I could have hit that with a stick of celery’ or (when a simple catch is dropped) ‘Me Auntie could have caught that in her nightie’. Its all a bit ‘Cricket nerdy’ and increadibly juvinille but quintessentially English.

On the live text on the BBC webiste (I’m too busy to watch six hours a day on telly) a discussion has started for Boycott Bingo. The nature of the game is to take your ‘Bingo Card’ (see sample image) and listen out for your Boycott to use a phrase that’s on your card. Once you have heard all the phrases on your card then your would should ‘house’ or ‘six’ or for those who remember desktop Richie then your might shout ‘Gottim’ (use an Australian accent for that one).

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