Get Your ‘Coming Soon’ Web Page Down and Your Website Up!

Sire Under Construction

When is a website not a website? When the website is ‘Coming soon’ If ‘Under Construction’ Pages will kill off your business the dreaded ‘Coming Soon’ web page will stop you before you even got started. This is usually (but not always) when a new company wants a website, registers their domain and then asks someone to put up a single page with ‘Coming Soon’ on it.

No One Does Business Soon

So who wants to do business soon? Who wants to do business with someone who is not actually here yet (but will be soon?). If your not actually trading yet then you are ‘coming soon’ but this is rarely the case. What is the message that you’re actually giving out with this? Are you saying ‘We can’t get our act together and sort out our website’, or is it more like ‘We’ve neglected our site, but we’ll try not to neglect our customers’? Feel free to add your own theme on this one.

So if this is what we’re saying to our customers and it is as negative as I claim, why don’t people get this sorted out? It must come down to the time and money see-saw. If you don’t have the time you have to use money, but getting it sorted out costs an unknown amount of money (and it is probably too much money, you assume). But you can get this sorted on a budget and can be cost effective.

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

Getting one page up should be well within your time and budget constraints. Any web design company worth its salt will be able to get to get you a fresh design with images up and live on the web for a couple of hundred pounds (at the most). You’ll have to compromise on design. It won’t be all singing and dancing and it may not be exactly what you want, but it will be better and more effective than your old coming soon page.

You may struggle to get the words out and down on paper and if this is the case you should think about hiring a copywriter to write the copy (the words on the page) for you. Most web design companies will have a copywriter they can recommend if they don’t have one on staff and copy for a page might only cost you £80, which compared to the sales and reputation you’re loosing isn’t too bad.

Helpful Hints

  1. Don’t use the words ‘Under Construction’
    The web is a fluid and in constant change. Your site will always be changing and is therefore always under construction.
  2. Don’t use the words ‘Coming Soon’
    If you have a page on the web, you’re not coming soon, you’re here! If your website is one page, then that is your site. Better to have one great web page than loads of nothing pages.
  3. Make it Keyword Rich
    Google loves text. Customers love information. The two go together. Get one interesting, information packed, keyword rich page with a few interesting images to let visitors know they have hit the right page. Have a clear first paragraph that tells visitors they are in the right place, then add a benefit proposition that is the way it is, but …
  4. Include a Call to Action
    Once your visitor has read what you offer, tell then what you want them to do next. ‘We can arrange your free, no obligation demonstration by calling 01799 111 222’, or ‘Visit us on market days for a great deal’. Use something that isn’t too ‘hard sell’ but encourages your visitor to continue the dialogue you have started
  5. List your Contact Details and / or Form
    Now your customers know what you want them to do, make sure that they can. A contact form that emails you the requested details is always good. If your mega tight budget doesn’t allow the emailing form then just make sure your address, phone number and email are on there.


So Get On With It

So stop procrastinating and get going. Find a web company you feel like you can trust, will take a bit of time to chat to you and help you out and get one great page up on the web. The rest can come later.

Rake Mark can obviously help you with getting one great page up there ( or as many as you might need), just give us a call on 01785 256 222. We’re here and happy to help.

  3 comments for “Get Your ‘Coming Soon’ Web Page Down and Your Website Up!

  1. Glen Dalton
    29th April 2012 at 12:35 am

    Not always that simple, is it? Why spend twice on web design. Once to get your homepage up and then again when the main site it finished. Coming Soon is better, no?

    • 30th April 2012 at 10:29 am

      Glen, it really is that simple. To design a single page, put in 2 paragraphs of keyword rich text and put in some simple contact details has so many benefits. If that costs your business £100 then this is less than a press or magazine ad, less than 2000 leaflets. It is hugely cost effective.

      We will often provide a quick design and contact page for free once we have a signed order.

      To answer your question. Coming Soon is not better, no!

  2. Jay B.
    6th May 2012 at 4:52 am

    Completely agree. Web design is so affordable now that every business can take advantage of low cost web design services. The ‘coming soon’ and ‘under construction’ sites should not exist. Good article, thanks. Take care. Jason

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