Google Add to the ‘Google Tool Belt’

Fledgling gesture-recognition software company Flutter announced that it has been “Acquired by Google”.

Founded three years ago in San Francisco, Flutter uses a standard webcam to recognise user movement and hand gestures to control apps such as iTunes and Netflix.

Google buys FlutterMovement and gesture technology isn’t brand new to the market and has already been used by the makers of game consoles such as X-box with their X-box Kinect.

With the newer smart phone handsets also getting in on the “Gesture ” Action it is becoming less ‘pie in the sky’ and more standard functionality.

It is speculated that Google intend to integrate Flutter’s web cam system into its existing platforms and devices.

Navneet Dalal one of the co-founders of Flutter said “We are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our research at Google. We share Google’s passion for 10x thinking, and we’re excited to add their rocket fuel to our journey”

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