Google Analytics Premium

We have all (or most of us at least) heard of and/or use Google’s Free Analytics Tool. The implementation of a tiny section of provided code allows Google to track our websites and produce facts and figures that are often invaluable to our business marketing and strategies. Recently Google have released an Annually Charged ‘Premium’ version of the worldwide used software.

What does Google Premium Give us that the free version will not?

According to the Google Analytics Premium Fact Sheet the Paid Version will give us:

• Extra Processing Power for more Data Analysing and download ability of un-sampled reports, a lift in the data limits and 50 custom variables to help you make informed decisions.

• Understand your consumer better with the Attribution modelling.

• Get an agreement with 99% capture Up time guaranteed.

• Your own account managers to assist you in using this tool to its full potential and will assist with training 24/7.

Think you will benefit? Check out the Billing Overview.

The good news is the Google have said on their blog that while they have launched a “Paid For” Premium Analytics tool they are still committed to providing a free version of the product. So for the majority of us, nothing will change …….  yet?


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  1. Grace Hammond
    6th May 2012 at 5:03 pm

    No one can really sell me on the benefit of this yet. I have seen the features but how does it help me make money?

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