Google makes websites with news, blog and forum articles top dog


Ok so we all know about online marketing, SEO, SEF, keywords, Meta data and numerous other acronyms that if you are anything like me drive me totally insane, but are we (that being the royal we) taking full advantage of the tools and platforms that we have readily available to us already.

Long gone are the days where Search Engine Optimization is a “Black Art” and only specific companies charging equally mysterious amounts in fees can help with your search engine optimization, search engine positioning and page rank.

Google has to be one of the most recognized search engines in the world, to such a degree that we actually use the term “Google It” instead of what we really mean which is to search the internet so I will base my comments and thoughts around them.

Google inc make no secret on how you can achieve good website position and page ranking in their search engine, they obviously don’t tell all but provide some great tips on what they see as important. They describe one of the most important steps to improving your website’s ranking is “Relevant Content”.
Google’s newest release “Caffeine” highlights the importance of marketing techniques such as blog articles, news articles and even forums posts. Caffeine web indexing means that new content will now be indexed faster and your website updates will appear in a more “real time” way.

So I guess what I am saying is Google just made the Social Web, Business Blogging, Forums and articles on our websites an even more effective way to promote your business.

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  2 comments for “Google makes websites with news, blog and forum articles top dog

  1. Anna
    3rd November 2012 at 12:54 am

    As far as your website is concerned, content is king. Google loves loads of unique content on your website and caffeine finally rewarded those that did create unique content.

  2. William Walsh
    4th November 2012 at 2:06 pm

    Google Caffeine really put the cat amongst the pigeons but those who worked with it and updated their websites and web design to work with Google instead of against what Google want to achieve really see the benefits. And their websites will continue to rise up the SERPS

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