Google Page 1 Guaranteed! (SEO For Fun Only)

The second test of the summer is upon us already and according to the forecast we’re in for a good weekend, so plenty of cricket to listen to. This reminds me a bit of my Friday Fun from last year with Boycott Bingo and also that it’s time for some more Friday Fun.

I have blogged before about false Google First Page guarantees, but I came across one First Page Guarantee that really works. So if you are languishing on page 8 or 9 then get ready to instantly be on Google Page 1! [Note: If you are further back than page 9 then this method will only improve things by 90%]

I have paraphrased the instructions and made my own screen shots but credit to the original author. Also, before you get too excited about this amazing idea, note that I have posted this in the ‘Fun’ category.

Step 1: Go to and enter a search term.

Affordable Website Design

Affordable Website Design Google Search

Step 2: On the top right hand corner click the little cog and select search settings

Google Search Settings

Click on the Cog and then Click Search Settings


Step 3: Scroll down a bit to the setting section for “Number of Results”

If this is greyed out then you need to disable Google Instant, so click on ‘Do not use Google Instant. Once Google Instant is disabled then change ‘Number of Results’ from 10 to 100.

Edit Your Google Search Settings

Edit Your Google Search Settings


Step 4: Click Save Preferences

Save Your Google Search Settings Changes

Save Your Changes


Now scroll down, the result that was on page 8 or 9 is now on Google Page 1. Instant Google Page 1 listing.

This Search Engine Optimisation stuff is easy!

I arrived home from a hard days slog to a chilled glass of wine last night. So when I should have been posting this article and finishing off a few bits I was BBQ-ing and sipping cool white wine. Hence the Saturday post.

 By the way, I did tell you not to get too excited, have a good weekend.

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