Googles Chrome Browser Gains Ground

Recently published figures show that Google’s very own Chrome Browser finished 2010 having gained ground on its competitors.
Figures show that in February of 2010 the Brower share looked like this:
Google Chrome Gains Ground

Internet Explorer : 61.58%
Firefox: 24.23%
Chrome: 5.61%
Safari : 4.45%
Opera: 2.35%
Other: 1.77%

By the end of the year:

Internet Explorer: 57.08%
Firefox: 22.81%
Chrome: 9.98%
Safari : 5.89%
Opera: 2.23%
Other: 2.01%

With the Browser Leaders, Internet Explorer and Firefox both losing ground it has paved the way for Chrome to make the largest upward gain of 4.37%.
Points of a percentage may sound insignificant at first glance but when you look at the hundreds of millions of web users around the globe these figures represent real live users and you can bet that with the current competitive browser market the way it is, browser developers are watching every single point!
However, there is possibility that Internet Explorer will grab this back its share loss and may even gain ground with the release of IE9 with is currently in Beta but has already shown movement in the browser wars.

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  1. Lucy Armstrong
    29th April 2012 at 8:39 pm

    I moved to google chrome but couldnt get on with it really

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