How to Create and Run a poll with Facebook

We had a question emailed to us from a client recently on the subject of Social Media Marketing and how to setup, run and create a survey or poll using the Social Media Giant Facebook Polling Application. With the overall aim to ‘home in’ on a specific range of their website users.
So thought I would share the answer with all:
Creating a Facebook Poll

Ok, assuming that you have a Facebook account-

  • Open a browser window and go to Facebook Poll Creater
  • Select the page (If you have multiple pages) that you with to publish your poll too
  • Enter your poll Question (don’t forget to make it really clear what you are asking)
  • Enter you option
  • Leave all check boxes unchecked
  • Click ‘create poll’

That’s It! Poll created.

Post to your wall, copy & post the URL onto your website, blogs, twitter and any other sounding board you may have. All you have to do now is monitor your results, analyse and draw your conclusions.

Great job done and all at completely no cost other than the time it took you to create and manage the poll.

Want more?

As you would expect with any online business upgrading to a ‘Paid’ version gives you greater control benefits.

With the ‘Paid ’option:

  • Facebook allows us Target our Audience – send it to say all 24–29yr olds who live in Stafford, Staffordshire
  • You can cap your responses to say 100 voters
Social Media Marketing

This is a great way to get a very quick feeling about any given topic.

Facebook provides full and detailed demographics of your poll so that you can turn clicks, votes and options into user’s needs and a way in which to fill those needs.

Facebook Polls are a great way to encourage interaction with your clients (and potential client).

More Questions (I will keep this updated as more arrive)

Q. Can I add a question when I have already launched the poll?
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