IE9 Use Rises At Weekends: Surprising New Web Browser Stats Out

New research released by StatCounter shows that it is not only Google Chrome that gains a bump in usage figures at the weekend, but the IE9 Web Browser gets its own bump on Saturdays and Sundays. The firm’s research arm StatCounter Global Stats reports that, while total IE usage dips, IE9 usage peaks at weekends.

StatCounter CEO, Aodhan Cullen said, “We have previously noted that Google’s Chrome peaks at the weekend at the expense of IE. This seems to suggest that many home (as opposed to business) users prefer Chrome to IE.”

Although Chrome has climbed steadily in popularity with web browser users it seems that IE9 is joining the club by also rising in popularity, at the expense of older versions of IE, when users can choose the browser they get to use.

“This shows that while IE6, 7 and 8 usage falls off at the weekend, IE9 spikes.” Aodhan Cullen said.

Some organisations, especially government and NHS departments often still insist on using the older IE6 web browser, leaving both Chrome and IE9 unused in those workplaces. Also, Windows XP is unable to utilise the newer IE9 web browser.

Viewpoint: Staffordshire Web Designers Perspective

Philip Brassington, Director at Staffordshire Web Design firm, Rake Mark Web Design, has written in the past how his love of all things Microsoft, including Internet Explorer ended with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

“I had a night of crashes and problems, total productivity loss and web design deadlines looming, so I had to look to alternatives” he said.

He moved to Firefox and loved the transition. For a while.

“As the versions of Firefox rotated through I found that with one particular version my PC started to slow up after an hour or two and when I looked in task manager I could see that Firefox was using a huge amount of available memory, which meant I had to close and reopen the browser to free up the memory and start again. More productivity loss.” said Mr Brassington

Having already ditched IE Philip Brassington installed the Chrome web browser.

“Getting started with Chrome was not simple. It wasn’t intuitive to use at all, different to IE and Firefox web browsers.”

The Chrome web browser takes its own approach to web browsing, doing away with some conventions and making the whole browser experience more like using the Google search engine. This new approach comes without baggage seems to be working well.

However, Mr Brassington has found recently that Chrome has started to eat into large chunks of memory and also sometimes needs to be closed down and then opened again, promting a return to IE, specifically IE9

“From a user perspective. IE9 is modeled on Chrome. It also runs far better than the older versions of IE. I still predominantly use Chrome but I don’t get a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach when I choose to open Internet Explorer”

Philip Brassington is a director and technical lead at Rake Mark Web Design Staffordshire. He lives and works in the county town of Staffordshire, which is Stafford, with his fellow director and wife, their three kids and their rabbit, flopsy.

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