Joined Up Marketing Will Pay Dividends

A new study by iProspect has demonstrated just how effective using offline marketing to influence your online presence can be. The study states that 40% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel? ‘Offline marketing effects online sales’, is npt an attention grabbing headline, but 40% is a newsworthy figure. 

While other studies and news articles around at the moment all seem to be targeting online marketing, the study by iProspect demonstrates how a joined up marketing mix pays dividends. Pay per click, blogging and social media are all grabbing marketing headlines, taking up the bloggers interest and generally doing the rounds. Like the tech bubble of the late 90s is this report showing us that online marketing is starting to froth into a bubble and its time to rethink?

The iProspect study asked users what prompted them to search online for a particular company, product, service or slogan. The results were:

  • Television advertisement: 44%
  • Word of Mouth: 41%
  • Magazine/Newspaper Advertisement: 35%
  • Radio: 23%
  • Billboard: 13%

One commentator said "These figures provide a signpost to digital marketers. They show the importance of knowing the strengths and compatibilities of all channels…"

One thing is now clear, regardless of how popular or important your online marketing becomes, offline needs to a considered part of your marketing mix.

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