Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle: Best Google Doodle Ever

Les Paul Google Doodle

The Les Paul Google Doodle

 Wow! That’s all there is to say about the Google Doodle from yesterday. I thought the fully working Pac Man was brilliant but this topped that and then some.

In case you’re unaware of what the Google Doodle is, its usually an image to represent both the Google logo and also something of significance like Lewis Carrol’s birthday or the first man on the moon. When you click it it takes you to a google search about that topic.

Yesterday there was a collections of guitar strings shaped to represent a guitar and a the Google Logo, all in aid of Les Paul’s 96th birthday. Although that in itself was clever, the show stopper was being able to strum the guitar. Different strings had been grouped so that different mouse swishes would bring up different chords.

It really was genius.

Since the rugby season is over and there’s no test match this week I am really focused on Rake Mark work, which is great because we are suddenly very busy. So with everything that’s going on I really didn’t have a Friday Fun lined up or the time to find / write one.

But regardless of the bags under my eyes and lack of time in my life I had to share yesterday’s Google Doodle.

I hope you didn’t miss it.

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    12th February 2012 at 7:42 pm

    this is actually the fifth time i go through the website, excellent article as usually! best regards!.

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