Man Down! Sage Pay Gremlins Back Again

Yesterday and today has seen the return of the Sage Pay gremlins with the third man fraud scoring system failing to bring back results. The issue was first noticed yesterday with new transactions not returning a fraud score.

Over a year ago I wrote about how impressed I was with Sage Pay, leading me to recommend them to existing clients and every new client. Last year the payment gateway provider rolled out a raft of changes and updates and was plagued by problems for a number of months.

Third Man Down on Sage Pay Website

Third Man Down on Sage Pay Website

The system has seen a period of consistent stability with no reports in to Rake Mark of any issues since the end of April, but this is the latest in a string of outages that the third man system has had this year.

As of 6pm (ish) only a few transactions still don’t have a fraud score with a couple more than 24 hours old (which will now presumably never get a complete score).

We’ll keep you posted of any more Sage Pay related issues.

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