Mixed feelings on Google’s Newest Feature – Data after Death

Google will allow users to configure what happens to data stored within their Google associated account after death (or after a period of inactive time on-line)

The feature will apply to email, social network Google Plus and other Google products you may use within your Google account.

For many years concerns have been raised about how much privacy we actually have when surfing the web, how much is stored, what is stored and the impact this has n our privacy.

On the Official Google Blog, Andreas Tuerk (Product Manager) posts that “making plans for what happens after you’re gone is really important for the people you leave behind.”

The new feature can be found under the Google accounts settings page and while Google themselves don’t seem overly “wow’ed” by their choice of name the ‘Inactive Account Manager’ section will allow you to configure your data management options e.g. Delete my data after three, six, nine or 12 months of inactivity.

The launch of this feature on Thursday April 11 2013 has churned up many feelings as you would expect. This is certainly a topic that many people have an option on. What’s yours?


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