Money for Nothing? Pet Care for Raptured Believers

A Christian Fundamentalist was reported saying the world was coming to an end over the weekend. It didn’t (phew) but the story on the BBC featured an enterprising guy and although I like to keep religion and politics well clear of my business life I had to share this with you.

You hear about claims like this all the time and this seemed no different, but the real point of interest in this article was the aforementioned guy who offered pet care to those believers who were to be ‘Raptured’ and wanted someone to look after their pets once they had been taken up to heaven.

According to the BBC article he charges $135 to look after those pets left behind and is reported as tell the Wall Street Journal that they would be disappointed twice, “Once because they weren’t raptured and again because I don’t do refunds.”

No matter what your beliefs, that is pretty funny and very enterprising. Why can’t I ever think of those kinds of ideas?

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