More modern web design trends and what they can teach us

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In a recent blog post, we pointed out just some examples of the many modern trends in web design and exactly what they could teach us to help us to become better web designers. However, there are so many enlightening such trends that we reckon that it wouldn’t be sufficient to discuss such trends in just one blog post, which is why we are about to discuss many more examples of such trends in another!

One noteworthy modern web design trend is the use of photo backgrounds, which seems to have originated from the online revolution brought about by Facebook, on which everyone’s page appeared (and, of course, still appears) to display a massive array of photographs side-by-side. Many web designers consider photo backgrounds to create strong illustration statements, especially for the purposes of branding.

Web Design changes made easy with Rake Mark’s CMS

Many website owners in the UK and Ireland may feel compelled to alter the designs of their websites to take account of modern trends like those described above. Thankfully for those website owners, they can alter those designs quickly and easily with the help of Staffordshire-based web design services provider Rake Mark. These website owners can peruse our website to learn more about the many ways in which we could assist them.Another modern web design trend concerns the use of more minimalist website designs which contain limited text content compared to many website designs of years past. This trend is likely to have been encouraged by the increasing tendency of many people to view and use websites through mobile devices, as websites with considerable amounts of content are often more difficult to view and use through mobile devices, due largely to their smaller screens and more modest technical specifications compared to larger devices.

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