New Website Launch: Stafford Palm and Yucca Seller Goes Online

A new business in Staffordshire specialising in Yucca Plants and Palms has launched their new website. Yucca Lodge are based at Buxtons Nurseries on the A34 between Cannock and Stafford 

Rake Mark, the website designers in Stafford, were selected to create the new Website for Yucca Lodge. Philip Brassington from Rake Mark said, “I really enjoyed working with Barry. His knowledge in the field of Yuccas and Palms is second to none. I found the who project a real joy, learning every day I worked on it.”

Fresh Website Design and Web Copy That Google Will Love

Rake Mark were tasked with creating a fresh website design that reflected the nature of the business and selected natural pale greens using dashes of the woody greens and browns from the provided logo for contrast. The team at Rake Mark Web Design were also asked to provide images and the copy for the web pages.

“Given the unique nature of the business it was difficult to find images that fitted”, said Sarah from Rake Mark, “so we took the decision to take bespoke images ourselves. There wasn’t enough budget to hire a photographer so we had to use our own equipment.”

The images on the site are bespoke images that were taken by Sarah on her visits to Yucca Lodge. “We really went above and beyond on this one, but Barry is great and I’m really proud of the site. Taking the images was definitely the right.” Sarah said.

The copy for the site was written in consultation with Barry from Yucca Lodge who took time to explain the different plants that he sells, how they are cared for and where they are best suited in the garden. Philip said “I was particularly interested in the process of ‘Hardening Off’ a plant so that is has a better chance of surviving the UK winter.

Rake Mark Will Go the Extra Mile For Your New Website

If you would like to see how Rake Mark can help your online business, then please call 01785 256 222 or go to Find out what a Rake Mark Extra Mile can do for your website.

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