Predicted rise in global tablet sales could have many implications for web design

Since the very first version of Apple’s iPad tablet computer was launched in March 2010, tablet computers seem to have seen an explosion in popularity around the world. Furthermore, the world’s passion for tablet computers shows no signs of abating, thanks to the recent release of the latest predictions by researcher IDC concerning global tablet sales over the next few years. All of this could have many implications for web design, as, over time, website owners are likely to have to think more and more carefully about how their websites can be viewed through tablet computers.

This is especially true given the apparently especially large popularity of tablets in what has often been dubbed the “7-inch” category of tablets. Google’s Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad Mini both fall into this category and have both received many plaudits from both journalists and consumers. More importantly, however, both have also recently shown strong sales figures, which means that, over the next few years, many website owners might have to think more carefully about how their websites can be viewed on the uniquely sized screens of tablets in this category.

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Thankfully, though, Rake Mark are in a strong position to help many such website owners throughout the UK and Ireland. We offer affordable website design packages for both small and medium-sized businesses, while our transparent and simple pricing ensures that our clients can benefit from effective websites which do not see them going over budget. The substantial experience and expertise of our staff ensures that we can consider the impact of tablet computers on how websites are often viewed and used so that our clients don’t have to, which can save them considerable amounts of both time and money.

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