The Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media

Social Media networking such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc have over the last year grown massively and are very much the ‘In thing’ to be part of and as a business using this method of new age communication (Social Media) can be the loud speaker you never thought you had.

The Pro's and Con's of Social Media

According to the Internet World Stats website the latest figures show that 1,733,993,741 of us use the internet and while not all of these users will be regularly active either in networking or a potential client it does give us a huge platform to sell our wares.

Armed with the information that we have a huge audience, it is not unreasonable to assume that a percentage of that audience is interested in what we have to offer, or perhaps not just interested but actually looking for what we have to offer and for whatever reason just didn’t know about us. Enter your business stage left!

The camera is rolling, your centre stage and the world is listening.

By creating this online arena, you are not just providing information to the world but gaining information, feedback and comments (good & bad) back that help you to grow, improve and promote your business and services. Creating a community of like minded people that interact, explore and collaborate could set you up nicely within your community and deem you a noteworthy source.

Creating these accounts and communities is free, total free and budget wise is an ideal solution for those on limited marketing recourses however, be careful, the downside to this type of marketing and exposure does require constant attention to reap any real benefit.

Don’t underestimate the time commitment that this will consume. Allocating specific time each week (or more often if you can) to update and interact with your community is a must if trust is to be built.

Social media really does come under the category of ‘You must put in, to get out’.

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