Relevent Content for Great Web Design

Ok, we all hear this expression, what seems like constantly, but do we really appreciate what it means?

Building a website is a process that is done in several stages, first we need to identify why we are building the website, for whom and to what gain? Assuming that we have not realised, actually I don’t need a website after all, armed with who and what we can progress onto making the content useful for our ‘target audience’.
For the purpose of this post my target audience will be arborists (people who climb and maintain trees) individuals not large companies, by picking this audience I can be reasonably sure that in main, this sector will be men, of an age younger than 40 years old (although a competition held at this year’s APF proved that the over 70’s are just as fast up those poles) so my content should be based and target to this range, although we should be careful not to exclude outside of these guidelines because our audience may alter over time.

So we have our male individuals, less than 40 years, now we need to target our content in areas that will appeal to this sector.
For example putting content that refers to purchasing large expensive machinery would be pointless, sole traders and small companies do not have the budget, however a better use of content space would be to point them at hire company/companies.
Equipment in for arborists is a specialised area (which is what our make-believe company does) and therefore is something difficult to get hold of, offers should be kept simple. Don’t try to give them discount if they buy 100 pairs of safety gloves – they are a small company, they will neither want nor benefit from this type of discount.

Provide your users with content that directly affects them, if you do, then they will return and send others to your ‘relevant site’ and the self perpetuating cycle begins.

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