Search Engine Optimisation: Matt Cutts Advice Part 2

A couple of weeks ago Sarah posted an article about an old interview that Matt Cutts gave to USA today about search engine optimisation. In her post she highlighted the article as a great layman’s guide to SEO. It only struck me later that an interview about the ever changing world of SEO was just as relevant today as when it was given three years ago. How could this be?

Search Engine Optimisation: The Basics Just Don’t Change

For all the much publicised changes of the last few years to the Google algorithm (Caffeine last year and more recently, Panda) and for all the new methods that are written about improving your ranking, the basics just don’t change. New ideas on how to fool Google (known as black hat techniques) are written about all the time, but either they don’t work, or Google gets wind and updates the algorithm.

If you need convincing then read the original article and compare this advice to the advice that Google is advising on its webmaster blog and webmaster guidelines today. Not much if anything has changed. Things changed often in time gone by but Google is pretty stable in its recommendations and now has been for three years (at least).

There are loads of articles written on SEO all the time, so if there is nothing new to report are they all saying the same thing? No, (well some of them are) but blog articles on SEO tend to be about nuances or ideas to tweek your sites SEO rather than where to get started.

Other articles talk about black hat techniques, ways to fool Google into ranking your site higher than it otherwise would be. These ideas may work for a while, but sooner or later Google changes their algorithm and without any notice, your site disappears from Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) for ever.

So now is time to throw away your black hat google book, stop with idea of the month. Learn the solid SEO techniques, practise them well and climb the rankings.

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