Shout Load and Clear for the Search Engines

Shout About Your Website

With Millions of new websites being added to the internet every day it is easy to understand why your little website might get lost in the cloud.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization needs to start with the very basics. Simply launching a new website and expecting search engines (and in turn potential customers) to find your services is unrealistic and simply not going to work. As always with computers (which is all we are talking about here) they do exactly as we tell them. You cannot be subtle about this you need to tell them (search engines) in no uncertain terms, to go and look at your new website, shout it from the roof tops and send up a “Notice Me Flair” about how great your website is.

Search engines like to search and while they often struggle to keep up with the sheer volume of new websites, files and data they do give us the perfect method in which to flag ourselves and make ourselves noticed.

Simply submit your site to the Search Engine, tell it where to go and look and it will. Simple.



Alta Vista:


A Word of warning:

Submit your website to the search engine by hand only once in any one month, constant submissions will be seen as spam – check with your developer to see if they have done it first before you submit.

And just as a final point most search engine submissions will have a security text request on them. This is so that they know if it is a human or machine request. Be careful of companies that promise to ‘submit your site to all major search engines’, this usually means that they are using an application for submission and rest assured the search engine bots will know so enter them by hand that way you know you have done everything you can to be heard.

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  1. Scott Collins
    1st November 2012 at 1:38 pm

    very interesting, I’ve joined your feed and look forward to more

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