Small Businesses Profit with Social Media Marketing

According to a recent study from Regus Global, small businesses are having greater success with social media marketing than larger companies. According to the study 44% of SMEs have acquired new customers by successfully utilising social media over only 28% of large companies.

Mark Dixon, Regus CEO said, “Our global survey has revealed that social networking has finally become an effective business tool, and SMEs are leading the way in this. Small businesses are successfully acquiring new customers, supporting their retention efforts and interacting with customer groups."

With the global recession many companies have limited marketing budgets, but social media can be the answer they are looking for as time is the main ingredient required in this recipe for success. The tools required are free to use and information to help small businesses with social media marketing is abundant on the internet. So it’s little surprise that there are over 700,000 small businesses with fan pages on Facebook and small businesses are having the greatest success with social media marketing.

Do you have a Success Story?

If you have a social media marketing success story, then email it to and we will publish some of them on the Rake Mark Blog.

If you would like to start your own Facebook page and don’t know where to start then Rake Mark can help. We offer website design and social media marketing in Stafford and across the West Midlands, so either email Sarah or call us on 01785 256 222.

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