Small Businesses – So you’re using Facebook in your Social Media Mix

Web Design & Social Media FacebookLast week we did a very brief outline of what, as a small business, you might use in the way of Social Media Marketing.
This topic is quite wide so we are going to chop it into bite size pieces so that it is easier to follow. This article we are going to cover the use of Facebook Business Pages.

Right to start with every Facebook business page needs to be set up from a personal/individual account. Now this doesn’t have to be the account you post all you family pics too, if you already have an account that is, in fact we would recommend that it isn’t (remembering to keep private and business very separate) so set up an account using a different email address and password and use this as “the Business Facebook Account”. Go to www and set up a new account.

Ok, so you have your new/separate account set up and you’re logged in. Go to the very bottom of the page and you will see along the base of the page a link that says “Create a Page”, click on the link and follow the wizard answering all the relevant questions (remembering to use your business details).
For now it’s probably best if you ‘skip’ adding details when prompted (we will do that later).

Adding a Profile Picture

Upload and Good Quality (not blurred) image that is easily recognisable in a few seconds. It should remain constant throughout you Social Media activity, Blogging, twitter etc. maybe a slight variant on your original logo if required or maybe your main logo but be consistent. The size should be approx. 200 x 185 pixels – the visible area is 176px wide so make sure you leave reasonable border around your image.

Adding a Cover Picture

The cover picture should be 815 x 315 pixels in size and should take into consideration the bottom left corner being the placement of your Facebook Profile picture (this sits on top of you cover picture) Don’t make it anything too busy, but memorable and informative with reassurance that your visitor has come to the correct page.

Add General Profile information

The more information that you can provide for your followers the better, Hover over the section that you wish to update and an “Edit” box will appear. Update your company information and times and then it just a matter of adding updates, photos, posts and of course now you have put so much effort into setting it up promoting your Facebook page to ensure you get plenty of “likes” and good feedback.

Good Luck and Happy Facebook-ing ….  Oh and don’t forget to pop along to Rake Mark’s Web Design Facebook page and click ”Like”

  2 comments for “Small Businesses – So you’re using Facebook in your Social Media Mix

  1. Callum Lees
    2nd May 2012 at 6:10 am

    Hi, Neat post. Just starting out with Facebook marketing

    • 2nd May 2012 at 4:14 pm

      Thanks Callum, I intend to do serveral more posts on Social Media so keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks 🙂 Send us a link to your page, would be interesting to see how your getting on.

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