So you want a Content Management System?

The purpose o f this blog article is to try and explain some of the differences (both functionally and cost) of having a CMS (Content Management System) vs Non Content Managed on your website.

Having a Web Developer /Web Designer Create a System that allows you, the non technical user, a method to update your own web pages not only seems like a great idea but indeed is one, however you first need to fully understand what it is you are asking for.

Full Content Management System – means a system that allows the user to create categories, add pages, and sub pages that can then be edited via a web interface. This system requires no intervention from a web developer. Anyone who can use a text editor can model, shape and create a website with an unlimited number of categories or pages within those categories. A system such as this uses a database for its content and structure and is relatively complex to develop and support. Expect to pay significantly more for a system such as this.

Partial Content Management System – usually means a system that allows the user to update a set amount of pages within a site. This type of system also uses a text editor and is straight forward to use but you can’t add additional pages, you can update to ones that are there but you can’t alter the structure of your website by adding categories and pages.

More likely the system will be set up so that you can update some of your pages, maybe your products page, or a page that is date sensitive e.g. Training Courses or Seminars your arranging.
Or perhaps you are happy to let your web developer update certain pages of your site but want to be able to add News & Events.

Although this kind of CMS also uses a database to hold its content it is not so complex, is more manageable to support and therefore you will see the benefits of updating your own pages with a much smaller price tag.

Hope this clarifies a few thing for you, but if not and you want some more details you can always just give us a call, or email us, we are happy to help if we can.

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