Social Media Marketing, planning your way to success

While some of you will have been marketing your business way longer than the ‘Social Media’ age, elements such as twitter, blogging, forums and general social networking should be in it from the start and part of your business plan – resists the temptation to skip this step because while some of the activities are free to set up, there may be a beneficial twist that adds cost that you haven’t accounted for.

In the main, social media activities are free to step-up and relatively simple to implement however areas you may need to consider when taking on the Social Media Marketing world is what’s free and what has an associated cost.

Blogging – is available in a free format however often is quite restrictive on things like the url/web link. You may want to use your own Domain name (which has an associated cost). Free blogging account also has a limited amount of what we call themes (look and feel). If you have specific ideas on how you want your blog to look and feel you may wish to budget for a developer to write a theme specifically for you.
Also a consideration is content for your blog. Never underestimate the time and skill factor of blogging. If your blog is primarily a marketing work horse, you may need to consider copy writer to ensure you maximise the search engine ranking potential of your blog, this will obviously add an element of cost to your strategy.
Twitter & Facebook – at the moment totally free setup, however if you need branding (it to have your colours, logos, etc) it might be worth asking a professional company to do this for you. Also don’t forget about the time investment needed to make this beneficial to your plan.
Marketing your Marketing – sounds mad I know but you want as many interested parties as possible looking at, following, reading and forwarding your blogging and micro-blogging as possible. Sending out a newsletter (hard copy or electronic) will add cost. Updating your website to include and encourage followers and subscribers will carry an additional charge.
Monitoring – as always, with any marketing strategy……… if it isn’t working, Stop! Monitoring your Social Media Marketing efforts is a must. As far as blogging goes something like Google Analytics is a great idea and it’s free but endless you can manage this yourself it may add an unexpected cost. However you will be glad to know that both twitter and Facebook come with feedback and actively monitoring options.

In this blog article we have only just scratched the service of the kinds of tools to be used as part of your strategy but it probably gives you a good idea of where your budget will be spent.

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