Some common errors in Website Design

Many businesses have realised how beneficial their websites can be for helping them to spread the word about the companies and what they have to offer. Indeed, for the average business, setting up a website is probably easier than it ever has been. However, there is one large drawback with the ease with which websites can be built: the great frequency of particular errors in the designs of many websites. Here is a list of just some of the most common errors in website design that any future website designer should avoid making.

Too little originality

Though a company might be tempted to save time in the short term by simply copying the design template of a competing website, in the long term, their website will be more successful with a more unique design that is more representative of the company.

Over-the-top appearance

These days, there are so many different possibilities concerning images, graphics and flash videos on websites that it can be tempting to draw on many of them for the same website. However, too many visual bells and whistles like this can cause a website to load slowly, which can lead many people too impatient for the website to load to abandon it for a rival website. Hence, it is better to keep a website’s design more minimalistic.

Too little content

A website shouldn’t just look good; it should also be highly informative. After all, many visitors to a company’s website are there because they want to learn about what the company is and offers. However, such a website should also avoid going too far the other way and providing its visitors with too much content, as many visitors to the website will want to get the information that they seek through simply taking a quick glance

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