Staffordshire Web Design Company Launch New Arborist Training Website

Rake Mark Solutions have this week launched the new website for Staffordshire arborist trainer, Ian Morgan. The new promotional website provides a wealth of information regarding the wide range of tree care and arboriculture courses that the new arb training company provides.

The Stafford Web Design company, Rake Mark, were contacted to provide the new website in the last quarter of 2012. During the initial web design consultation, business owner Ian Morgan, was keen to keep the design emphasis on the natural colours and shapes of the arborist industry without being too obvious.

Lead designer, Sarah Brassington, felt that the colours and bold but natural shapes were important for the overall look and feel of the site. She believed that it was important to provide the correct visual clues without being in the face of the website visitor.

“We wanted customers to arrive on the site and feel that they were in the right place, but Ian was determined that this wouldn’t be done by slapping a big tree on the logo and homepage.”

The brand was developed using natural autumn browns and deep summer greens blended on simple leaf shape to provide the bold ‘Morgan Leaf’ Logo for the arborist training firm. The natural brown and green shades were continued throughout the website and have been adopted as the corporate colours of the company.

The site is specified to be content managed to allow the Ian Morgan Arb team to update their website themselves. This has been incorporated in the project to provide the Ian Morgan Arb team an easy to use web interface allowing them to add and update pages and leep the information on their website fresh without the need for specialist web designers to be employed.

“Ian needs to be able to add and update course information” Sarah Brassington told us. “The web interface means that any of the team with the correct security clearance can update the site from anywhere in the world.”

Although the team members are used to using computers and are highly computer literate some training was provided by the Rake Mark web design team to help them understand some simple HTML code and to better understand the content management system.

Staffordshire arborist trainer, Ian Morgan is well known within the arb industry for his high quality training ability and has been training students to climb and care for trees for a good number of years now. Ian and all of his trainers are experienced in the industry and have a wealth of knowledge and tips to pass on to candidates to make their job safer and more efficient

You can book any of the wide range of arborist and forestry training courses or find out more by telephoning 01785 330377 or you can find out more by visiting the brand new website, The team are happy to help you find the right course for you, today.

Rake Mark Web Design provided Ian Morgan Arb with a website that was designed to their own specification and was developed to allow them to update and manage their own website. Training was provided to make sure that the website was usable from day one and Rake Mark support Ian and his team through any difficulties they may face in the day to day management of their website.

Find out how Sarah Brassington and the Stafford Web Design Firm, Rake Mark can help your business get a personally designed yet affordable web design today on 01785 256 222 or go to the Rake Mark website at

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    25th April 2012 at 11:52 pm

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    30th April 2012 at 3:28 am

    Hiya very cool site .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I love the colour palette you used, the site is really fresh, really natural

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