Staffordshire Web Designers Announce New Arb Training Website

Ian Morgan Arb

Ian Morgan Arb

Rake Mark Web Design are proud to announce that the newly formed Ian Morgan Arborist Training business has selected them to create their new Arborist Training Website.

Ian Morgan is a highly experienced and very highly regarded arboricultural trainer and assessor. He is formally of the BASE (British Arboricultural School of Excellence) training school but has recently struck out and started his own training business.

Ian will be training the next generation of tree surgeons through his new business and Rake Mark Web Design, Staffordshire will be supporting him with his new brand and logo, website design, e-mail marketing and other online marketing activities.

Rake Mark Web Design, Staffordshire will work with Ian to create a visually stunning website that reflects his businesses ethos and that will also be able to inform casual visitors, interested parties and students of the training school.

According to Sarah Brassington at Rake Mark Web Design, although the initial designs have not been fully discussed, Ian has a very clear vision of what he wants to achieve.

“No Trees, was the first command from Ian. He was very clear that every that every arborist and tree surgeon has tree as their logo and Ian wants to stand out and do something original” she said.

Ms Brassington contimued, “I think natural browns and greens to represent the nature aspect, but I think the industry is quite masculine so the colours and general design will need to be quite bold to reflect this.”

The site will be a content managed web site so that the Ian Morgan Training team will be able to make changes to the text on the page as time goes on without help from the web design team.

Sarah Brassington told us that content management, is a very popular option at the moment, due to the nature of the web, meaning information is constantly changing. On a Content Management System (CMS) the owner of the website can make changes to their website, without specialist knowledge, through an easy to use interface.

“Most of our web design projects have some element of content management. The systems have become so easy to use in the last year or two that most users now have enough confidence to make any simple changes they need” Ms Brassington said.

Rake Mark Web Design in Stafford, Staffordshire and help clients with online marketing and web design in Staffordshire and across the UK.

The initial designs will be presented to Ian in the coming days with the website due to be launched later in the summer

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