Staffordshire Web Designers Friday Rant: Remember the Little Guy

All over the news at the moment is one titan social media web company fighting some other Goliath search company. Or two popular mobile device manufacturers going head to head over who’s allowed to use rounded corners and bouncy scroll.

Through all this it is easy to forget about the little guy. The small firms that work tirelessly to bring you the SME’s of the world many services you rely on. And while the tech giants are fighting it out it easy to forget that these other smaller tech firms that need column inches too.

I am of course talking about Microsoft.

Even when Microsoft bought a company worth 2 billion for about 8 billion it only got a few column inches but it was still a huge amount to spend on a VoIP company.

The recent release of Windows 8 doesn’t seem to have brought in the vultures to slag it off. This may be because it’s a really solid piece of software, or more likely, no one really cares any more.

The company that still commands the PC operating system market with Windows and the office software market with Microsoft Office has never really challenged in the areas that are beginning to matter more and more and are going to be the only things that matter in a few years.

This area is namely anything mobile.

With most people needing a web browser and a few novelty apps to supplement their games console, who actually needs a PC any more? Well I do for one, and office based workers tend to still sit in an office with a nice meaty screen and tower but is that about it? Is the PC doomed to be replaced by lightweight netbooks, chromebooks and tablets?

I doubt it.

This is a fad. And like all fads it will pass. Workers trying to create, share and memos and documents on a 4 inch (10cm) screen will soon realise that the box on their desk does that particular job better. And the sooner people realise that an actual keyboard is faster for typing that a touch screen the better. I’ve seen a salesman trying to input an order onto his iPad that will ‘interface’ directly with the company accounts (at what cost) one… character… at… a… time (blessed that at least there was no annoying little boip after each frustrating keypress).

How long would it take you to actually type 400 words for a friday rant using a touch screen? Unless I’m on a plane an iPad is pointless (I actually struggle to see the point of tablets anyway) and a laptop if far superior.

So remember the little guy. Remember Microsoft. There is still a place in this world for desktop

  2 comments for “Staffordshire Web Designers Friday Rant: Remember the Little Guy

  1. Amy
    5th November 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Let’s be honest, Microsoft are toast, its just a matter of time.

  2. Ed Storey
    6th November 2012 at 9:43 am

    Ha ha ha…

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