Status Updates Act as a Constant Reminder

Social Media Marketing

A report from the National IT User Centre has predicted that all the “meaningless ramblings” and status updates of social media is potentially helping up and coming entrepreneurs of the future.
While some have a facebook friend list of maybe a couple of hundred people, we wouldn’t consider all of them friends (in the real sense of the word) in everyday life. Our Facebook friend list is often made up of old class mates, friends of friends, people and characters that we may have come across or been introduced to either by Social Media or via a third party but either way the network in vast and almost always self perpetuating.
Your tweets, status updates and comments act as a constant reminder of your existence and while the actual friends within your lists will comment back and interact with your comments (because they know you personally), the business/networking friends part of your list will be reminded firstly of whom you are and possibly where they met you or how they know you more importantly they will be reminded what you do for a living.
Networking in this way is thought to be opening the business arena wide open for entrepreneurs as they are now able to reach, connect and do business with potentially anyone in the world with fewer practical and geographical problems.

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