Success Rules for Social Media Marketing

Rules for Social Media Success

Building a networking community is a relatively straight forward, functional thing to do and with Social and Media Web coming into their own, if you haven’t already you should really get in the game if you don’t want to miss out on its possibilities.

So here are some very simple rules for you to apply to maximise your efforts of Social Media.

Build Solid Relationship’s – Don’t just post regardless who is out there, Listen to what you subscribers/Fans are asking for and respond to them either generally or personally. Be Interested in what they have to say and offer feedback and comment on the posts that they make or comments that the leave.

Patience – Creating a solid Social Media Network is not Happening overnight, or even over month. Months and years is a more realistic goal. Obtain and put in place ways that you can monitor and analyse the growth (or decline) in activity. Link it to times of the year, company promotions or activities, that way you know how to manage its success and direction.

Believe in your content – Do NOT post jibba jabba (unless it is supposed to be idle chat),  you will be busted straight away. Post material that you have full confidence and believe in, you will speak with authority and this will be reflected in your writing and in your responses.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin – Don’t try and cover a Huge array of topics, you will be poster of many and an authoritative source of none! Stick to just a few topics that you can cover extensively and build the reputation for the “Go to Guy”.

 Be Available – When you get feedback on a post or a re-tweet acknowledge that you know about the interaction. People love to feel included and while you may not always have the answers that they are looking for, closing your eyes and hope they go away by ignoring them is not going to build confidence and Relationships – Remember these people are singing you praises (you hope).

Do Unto Others – Social Media and Networking is all about human interaction, feedback, what people think about this company or that company, but it is usually based on something solid rather than they have a nice business card. If you want feedback and growth and your info/links spreading round the world then you need to do the same. If you find a nice article then post it, comment on it and then people will do the same for you – and so it grows.

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