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Google Domain Names

Available by invitation ONLY, Google have unveiled that that they are indeed ‘testing’ their new Domain Name Service. As with existing Domain Name Registrars, consumers will be able to search for their desired Domain Name, purchase and Transfer names from…

Android goes Wearable

The spoken word has never been so powerful or so Google would have you believe. Announced today is Google Android Wear, a project that extends the Android OS to Android Wearables. Starting with a very familiar addition to the Wearable…

Beware of Those Offering a Google First Page Guarantee

The dreaded Google First Page Guarantee. I have to get into this a few times a year with different customers and occasionally with the firms offering this guarantee on behalf of a customer. However, I do find that the Google First Page Guarantee is such a sham that it is actually a really good way of working out the scam artists early on. If they offer you a guarantee then scratch them from your list of companies that you want to work with, because with Search Engine Optimisation there are no guarantees.