The BBC Website Goes Mega Social with Facebook and Twitter Tie Up

The BBC has long supported social media websites with a multitude of twitter and facebook accounts for various programs and celebs, but now the BBC website and specifically the iPlayer are going to integrate more closely with social media sites Twitter, Facebook and Bebo. This new innovation will be available with the launch of the iPlayer 3.0 beta.
Erik Huggers, the Head of Future Media and Technology for the BBC, was speaking publically at The Guardian’s ‘Changing Media Summit 2010’. “We are close to launching the third version of the iPlayer in beta which will have many more social functions embedded within it," he said. "People will be able to bring their Facebook friends onto the iPlayer so they can share what they are listening to or watching with each other more easily.”
After creating a BBC account, users will be able to integrate with their Twitter, Facebook and Bebo accounts with iPlayer. When users then connect to iPlayer they will be able to see what others in their networks are watching, appearing as ‘Coloured Puffs’ beneath the iPlayer.
Erik said that partnerships with Facebook were likely to manifest themselves across many parts of the BBC site over time, with iPlayer integration being the first instance of this. He did however rule out the BBC trying launch its own social network as that would be "madness", with partnerships with major social sites was the only way forward.
BBC Online currently attracts 29.5 million unique users a week in the UK alone. It is the only British website to feature in the list of the 10 most popular websites visited by UK internet users.

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