The Importance of Influential Information

The Importance of Influential Information

Blogging websites have been around for some time now but how many hang around and go on to be a successful information portals and how many wither at the road side limping from one article to the next?

If you’re a social blogger then anything goes really, the website is yours and besides offensive content (which your hosting company will likely remove) you have free rein to be as expressive and informative (or not) as you like. However if your blog is a Business Social Marketing tool then informative content should be high on your blog development strategy.

In a world where information is widely available at the tip of your finger (or rather at the end of a search engine) your users will become less and less willing to pay for the information.

One of the Golden rules of Online Marketing; Information is worth more when it’s free!

How the heck are we supposed to make are knowledge worth anything?

How to Make your Words Matter

Influential Information is all about giving your users a darn good explanation for what you are writing. It’s about creating content that they not only understand, but also value, because valued information is digested, commented on and is where opinions are formed. Your users will feel a sense of ownership to your article (as it will contain their opinions) and at this point your users is more likely to promote on your behalf and/or it will become self perpetuating.

It may take months, even years to get to a place where your articles are thought of as a reputable source but when you do, this is when your words and knowledge is worth something.

Now it may well be that you aren’t trying to sell anything directly but the principle is the same. Whatever your call to action may be create a ‘Zero down side and they have absolutely nothing to lose’ scenario.

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