The latest useful trends in website design

Though many previous trends in web design have been of dubious functionality and ultimately short-lived, there remain many current trends in web design that we reckon are not only highly useful for many people who view and use websites but also, as confidently as we can say without any use of a crystal ball, are likely to last as a result. Below are details of just some of those trends and how they could help you to make viewing and using your website more pleasant for many people.

One increasingly popular web design trend is what has been commonly dubbed “responsive web design”. This has largely been developed in response to the increasing variety of devices, including smartphones and tablet computers, on which many people are today viewing websites, and ensures that the same website can alter its appearance to remain easy to view and use regardless of the type of device that is being used to view and use it.


Another popular web design trend is the use of infographics, which use images to communicate a wealth of what could otherwise seem to be highly complex information. The huge rise in popularity of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter during recent years has also lead many web designers to incorporate social media tools into their websites. Such tools can enable many visitors of the websites to ‘like’ and ‘share’ different pages of these websites on their own pages on social media websites.

We reckon that many website owners in the UK and Ireland could benefit hugely from following these trends for their own websites – or, better still, arranging for web design experts from Staffordshire-based web design company Rake Mark to help them to follow these trends for their own websites

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