Tips to increase effectiveness of your Networking efforts

Ok, so by now we have all heard about Social Media how it works, how much time it takes and what’s involved, but maximising time for such web Marketing remains a challenge.
We were brain storming the other day during a meeting on how we could increase our productivity within the company’s networking activity. How we could still be active on our twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blog accounts while:

  • It doesn’t consume all of our time
  • We get a ROI on the time we do commit

Here are some of the suggestions that we came up with and thought we would share them:

  • Be firm with either yourself or your staff’s time. Allocate an amount of time that you are going to participate in networking/social media and stick to it, there comes a point where ‘you can do no more’ to increase effectiveness so don’t waste valuable time.
  • Don’t be shy at offering links, interaction buttons or even invitations wherever possible.
  • Send out an E Newsletter to promote, publish and round up the months networking activities.
  • Link your networking together with apps like
  • Don’t *over do it*. Blogging, tweeting and profile updates that are done too often, seem to lose credibility quickly. Post often (@ least once a week), and post quality.
  • Give things away. Don’t worry we’re not suggesting you give away a secret formula just give away enough to make your followers a) keep following and b) recommend you as a valuable/credible source.
  • Measure! See our previous article. The above will all be totally pointless if you don’t.

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