Too Busy For Friday Fun? Not on Your Nelly

This week has been incredibly busy at home and at Staffordshire Web Design HQ , so I’ve been unable to get a blog post up this week, sorry. I have an article that needs a polish and a proof read and I’ll post that tomorrow, all being well.

Although I’ve been mad busy for the last couple of weeks yesterday was the start of the first test between England and India and I’ve been following all the action on the BBC live text service. For those of you who are new to the blog (you are many in number, most welcome and appreciated) there is often some juvenile behaviour on the text that makes me smile.

Yesterday the conversation turned to TV Shows for Cricket starts. To give you an idea of what this is, Frasier in Leeds sent in,  “Idea for a TV show: “What’s Michael Holding” – A game show where contestants must work out what cricket related item is in the hands of the former legendary fast bowler with points deducted for every clue required.”

Not everyone’s cup of tea but this quintessentially English humour always tickles me and makes the day fly by. Some of the other better ones below.

@Emma_J_Turner, “Monty Panesar’s Flying Circus: Monty delivers a range of surreal risqué and innuendo-laden sketches.”

Rob, Lichfield, “How about ‘To the Manor Vaughan’. Unrequited love through the corridors of uncertainty in a Yorkshire stately home.”

From Tom, Nottingham, TMS inbox: “Ideas for TV programme – Saved by the Bell. Ian Bell as a super hero saving people’s lives using only a cricket bat, box and a bail.”
Note: Tom clearly doesn’t have kids as saved by the bell is a really famous American TV Kids show.

Some others suggestions that were listed without credit were,

“Indifferent Strokes” former England fast bowler Bob Willis looks back at batsman getting themselves out through poor shot selection. Each week following a particularly long rant over a badly executed reserve sweep or a top edged hook or such like, Sir Ian comes on and says “What you talkin’ bout Willis”

How about this geeky beauty, “Nasser Hussain’s semipermeable membrane’ The ex-England cricket captain discusses osmosis”
(My mate Jason Cooke will love this one)

“Goochy Coochy Coo, where Graham Gooch helps out a local maternity unit”. This made me smile so much. You really have to know what Graham Gooch looks and sounds like to get the full absurdity of this. Take a look at this photo of Graham Gooch up, you’ll have to find the audio on your own, but he’s often interviewed on Channel Five as he’s the current England batting coach

Have a good weekend, All

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