Transfering Domain Names

Over the years we have bought, transferred in and transferred away hundreds of domain names. While it is ridiculously simple, it does have to be done correctly and in a synchronised manner for a smooth successful transaction and this is often the downfall amongst the less experienced.

About Domain Names

A domain name is simply a user friendly ‘pointer’ for your website address, for example is the domain name for our blog but by typing in the IP Address [] into the address bar will still get you there it’s just not easy to remember and a lot less pretty Domain transfer … as simple as ABC

A Transfer Away, The Push: To transfer your and domain names away to another provider,
Log-in to the current registrar of your .uk domain name control panel (you may have to ask your provider to do this for you) select your domain name and manage. Go to the ‘Domain Transfers’ and change the IPS tag to [NEW IPS TAG], save and Checkout.

B Transfer in, The Pull: To transfer a domain name into an existing account, Log-in to your Control Panel and select Transfer Domain. Enter the domain name that you want to transfer in to your account and click transfer and checkout.

C Synchronise: Synchronise the push and pull. Once the current owner has updated the IPS tags then the new company should, within a reasonable length of time, request the name. Once the update of the tags occurs (the push) then the request (the pull) the transfer is complete.

Very Simple, All Done!

*A word of warning, if a change of IPS Tag is instigated and a request is not made for the domain by the new IPs, the domain name may become inaccessible to both companies.

A .com .net .org .info .name .biz transfer has a few more steps but don’t let it put you off, you just need to request from the current provider an ‘authorisation code’ to complete the transfer of the name. You will need the ‘authorisation code’ to complete the pull element of the transfer.

Remember to make sure that the domain is in an ‘Unlocked’ state, and you should keep all the emails to and from those involved in case an issue arises.

*these are based on 123 Reg transfer instructions however all name registrars are very similar and transfers work on the same basis of ‘Push & Pull’.

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      Sarah is the lead designer and MD. We do all our own work, you’re welcome

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    Wonderful work! Just had to transfer my domain from another web design firm and this really helped. Thanks so much

    • 3rd May 2012 at 10:04 am

      No problem Issy. Unfortunately the world of web design is still has a few bad eggs. Let me know if there is anything we can help you with.

      We are a web design firm based in Stafford

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